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K-12 Professional Development

Literacy: Strategic Instruction Modelâ„¢

Strategic Instruction Model For over 30 years, the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning has conducted research designed to develop the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) to address many of the needs of diverse learners in both general and special education settings.

SIM offers two kinds of interventions to address the performance gap, the gap between what students are expected to do and what students are able to do.

Student-Focused Interventions
Are designed to provide the skills and strategies students need to learn course content. The Learning Strategies curriculum encompasses strategies for: acquiring information from what is read, organizing and remembering information, solving math problems, and expressing information in writing (including on tests).

Teacher-Focused Interventions
Are directed at how teachers think about, adapt, and present their critical content in the form of differentiated instruction. Content Enhancement Routines are sets of inclusive teaching practices that give teachers tools to ensure that students master critical content regardless of literacy level.
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